I was born and raised in the woods and on the waters of Michigan.  My tying is a reflection of the type of fisher people my parents were.  They never settled for "the fish just aren't biting".  Ever adaptive, they instilled in my brothers and I the need to adjust and catch fish.  This influence became a staple of how I fish and tie.

Tying flies commercially was not a direct path for me.  Between a growing family, work, and fishing/hunting...there wasn't enough time in the day.  That all changed when I lost my left leg above the knee.  Suddenly, I had an abundance of time stuck in the house.  Tying flies became a great way to exercise my mind and creative juices.  After learning disabled people often prefer to be called "adaptive", the name seem to fit as it encompassed both my physical state and fishing/tying style.  Adaptive Fly was born.

I have always been a creative person, and I spent 10 years as a graphic designer.  After shifting my career focus, fly tying really became my main creative outlet.  My flies are designed/tied to catch fish first and foremost, but I also try to make them aesthetically pleasing to the fisherman.  Part fly, part art.